Sunday, August 23, 2009

the iPhone conundrum

The elegance and beauty of the iPhone lies in the fact that it's basically really, really great software.

Just look at a powered-down device: It's just a shiny piece of polished consumer electronics –its black, blank, stateless screen waiting for the logic to pass you control of the device's inherent capacity.

Though a sight now copied by numerous other brands and makers, Apple’s was the first and is still the best. But why? It’s not inherently that much different from any other? And it costs much more.

It’s the software. It’s the way the phone reacts to you.

Fundamental to the Apple design ethos is a unified user experience. This means that all the components of it’s software share the same behavioral characteristics and gracefulness. One can posit that It also means for Apple that everything serve to reinforce the platform itself.

Google’s sin against the platform is that the Voice app literally spoofs core or low-level functions of the OS. It’s doing basic phone functions thats Apple feels their software should do. 

If you’ve bought and paid for an iPhone a logical reaction might be, “Wait a minute, it’s my phone, right? I can put what I want to on it, can't I?” 

Well, not really. Read the fine print, that iPhone, is still their phone. At least the software is. And that's what counts. Of course you can jailbreak it, but in doing that you are violating the thing that makes the phone special in the first place, the Apple experience.

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So you like to keep your iPhone a virgin, eh?