Wednesday, March 28, 2007

dropping the .blogspot

Well, fresh on the news from that something like 75% of all blogspot domains are "spam-blogs" my better judgement forced me to head over to where I was lucky enough to pick up the shiny new domain, ~ so you can drop the .blogspot ;-) A tip 'o the hat to parislemon for that advice.

Friday, March 23, 2007

and now for something less heady...

Ripping YouTube Movies to Your IPod - A howto*

I've been doing a bit a digging around on the subject of ripping YouTube clips to my hard drive/ipod, and I have found an AWESOME resource on the topic that covers it not only for the Windows platform, but for OS X and Open Source platforms as well. This is really cool. And a perfect indicator of why Goo-Tube, is probably now Sue-Tube, so only rip authorized & legal content, ya hear??

Yours Truly,

Friday, March 16, 2007

Why Cisco really paid 3.2 Billion Dollars for WebEx

Moving a lot of video packets (which WebEx does) is good for the router business!!!

The Amazing Cringely, anecdotally drops this nugget in his $7 TV Network installment.

Cisco is ponying up $3.2 Billion for Web-Ex not only because they want to compete with Microsoft in the Enterprise Software arena...but because Web-Ex can sell a heck of a lot of packet intensive video services to corporations and beyond...most recently partnering with CNBC to bring live, interactive, viewer webcam feeds into their television programing.

Who knew it was a Technological Convergence play in addition to being an Enterprise Software deal?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Is Google pulling a Net Neutrality Head fake?

Drew Clark has a great piece today on GigaOm entitled: Is Google Changing Its Position on Net Neutrality?

Basically, Google's
Senior Policy Counsel, Andrew McLaughlin, made some comments that he thought the FCC should be "cut out" of enforcing Net Neutrality regarding the Cable providers vs. the Telcos, and that it should be the domain of the FTC (!) This is a big deal, because both pieces of pending Net Neutrality legislation squarely place the FCC in charge of enforcing the issue. Evidentially, some at Google feel that it's OK to differentiate between charging for various different "services" (which could ultimately all be IP packets) as long as its charged to the end user and not to them.

These comments come from a Tech Summit held in San Jose and came on the heels of those made by Google's TV chief to cable operators in Europe about how the web and Google's infrastructure couldn't scale to support IPTV. Both comments are still reverberating across the web.

I must admit it's refreshing to see that I'm not the only one who sees a connection (or in this case, a dis-connection) between Google's Net Neutrality lobbying efforts and their new overtures to partner with Cable/Satellite television. The concern stems form the idea that in a converged, digital, world all data is ultimately the same ... already we've seen the erosion of distinction between a "TV service provider" and a "Phone service provider" - both are merely bringing "bit streams" and/or "packets" into your home. It's just the pipes, or delivery mechanisms, that differ

Perhaps there's no conspiracy or "head fake" fake here at all, but the perception lingers. Forgivably, Google is a big "for profit" institution with a lot smart & talented people driving it. Perhaps we're seeing an internal struggle play-out as their growth motives intersect and perhaps conflict with their idealistic, yet official Company position on the matter.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Moving Montage of Video -- "Perpetual Art Machine"

There is something very interesting going on over at PAM
Take your computer and digital video camera (or video-phone perhaps) , capture some art, edit it up a little and send it to them. It all goes into the pool of collected work from other artists. The installation interactively displaying this video-montage travels around the Globe while the video is fed to it through PAM's website/infrastructure ala her collective user base & community. It's all free. They're calling for more video for an upcoming project called "Video as Urban Condition"
Get Filming - or just capturing.