Monday, March 12, 2007

A Moving Montage of Video -- "Perpetual Art Machine"

There is something very interesting going on over at PAM
Take your computer and digital video camera (or video-phone perhaps) , capture some art, edit it up a little and send it to them. It all goes into the pool of collected work from other artists. The installation interactively displaying this video-montage travels around the Globe while the video is fed to it through PAM's website/infrastructure ala her collective user base & community. It's all free. They're calling for more video for an upcoming project called "Video as Urban Condition"
Get Filming - or just capturing.


Political.Asylum said...

The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum cannot be captured through digital imaging.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your kind words to my son Guy during this difficult time in his life. Your comments are much appreciated and I wish you the best. Thanks again Guy Serle (

Lee Wells said...

Hi Chris:

Thanks for spreading the word on Perpetual Art Machine. One thing to be made clear to your readers is that PAM is for those that consider themselves video artists. I love idea of encouraging more folks to get out there to make more art.

All the best,

plusultra said...

Pam seems like a very interesting project. I shall investigate more, but I am pretty sure Einstein would bookmark any page that can perpetually create art. Your blog is very current and informative. I likey!

Lene Leicht said...

Video as Urban condition is actually not a project by PAM, it is organised by Anthony Auerbach, an artist, organiser and researcher (
with changing collaborators.

It is not limited to self-defined video artists, but open to all videomakers. So contributions reach from home-videos over media activism, documentaries, to art videos. what they have in common is, that they share an interest in video and the city.