Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Series - Noted for what it doesn't do

I haven't been keeping that close of tabs on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series Mobile OS except to notice that most of what I hear coming out of tech blogs and Microsoft itself is how noteworthy it is for what it doesn't do. Can't load apps except through the Windows Market Place. No Copy & Paste, No Multi-tasking, No memory card swapping, etc

Why ditch all these features when the previous iterations of Windows Mobile supported them? In my opinion, it's because Microsoft sees what Apple gets away with, and has noted how acclaimed they are for making 'smart' (if not obstinate and unfriendly) design choices, and the folks up in Redmond think that's part of the secret sauce. Part of "controlling the experience." Right.

Just my opinion, but why the hell else would their new cutting edge phone software do so much less than the previous versions, but look oh so much more minimal, and "modern"

Their aping Apple.

We're going backwards here, not forward. :-/

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