Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This iPhone Patent Stuff is complete BS

I like Apple stuff but they're acting like pretty huge dicks. They're suing HTC to on grounds of some BS patent infringement to scare other phone makers out of using Google's phone operating system, Android, but at the same time are being sued by Nokia over refusal to pay licensing fees on patents that every phone company in the industry acknowledges and pays royalties on.

A big part of their defense against Nokia is to counter-sue on grounds on anti-trust and also allegations that Nokia is stealing from them (!?!)

It's super hypocritical, arrogant, and really cocky.

It ultimately probably doesn't really effect you or me, but if you pay attention to this kind of stuff its just another one of those reminders that Apple can be, well, kind of unflinching assholes about stuff.

I dig my iPhone, but really can't wait to give a nice Android phone a whirl once one of them comes to AT&T.

Ah, gadget lust.

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