Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Finding Prescience amidst old links

So I've installed and begun using my stumble-upon and WOW, what a cool surf toy. I could loose HOURS to it.

Sometimes though, I find the best stuff searching for exact phrases. Running with my "information wants to be free" thread I found the following story in Wired Magazine's online archives.

This article was written in 1994. There were no MP3's yet, let alone Internet Explorer, let alone widespread Internet adoption (Think 28K dial-up modems & like Prodigy or CompuServe with no images, baby) and he is essentially foretelling file sharing and DRM.

What's amazing about this piece is how on point John's vision was back then. It's mind blowing that this was 13 years ago already .

Its 16 pages long, but worth every word. Print it out and enjoy!
It's called: The Economy of Ideas

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