Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bringing together to best of YOUR web with RSS

"Yes, Virginia...your content does blend!"

Despite the lack of mainstream adoption, developers and web programmers continue to push the enevelope with feed-related technologies. (most widely on display with Yahoo's Pipes effort)

So what happens when you can aggregate your various favorite feeds in new and different ways? You can essentially make your own personal self-updating "information portal." My personal favorite tool for this is FeedBlendr. Combine it with Feedburner and you can come up with some pretty cool, and personalized "Blended Rivers of Information"

For example, Here's a little blend I made...It's a "Blend of Blends" actually, -- I call it the RSSpectMeme

If you are a regular or semi-regular visitor you may have noticed it's addition as a widget on the right-side...(pardon the meta reference)

It's comprised of's Front Page Stories (-minus the votes & with direct links to the FA's), Front Page Stories (+the descriptions), and's homepage feed. Those are my three favorite sites and combining them into a single feed gives me (and anyone else who wants to view/subscribe to it) a single source for 3 barometers for what's "hot" right now.

Hold tight for blends that contain mixed media...

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