Saturday, January 23, 2010

When cynical becomes evil

Forbes has a story on how Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer gave a speech to Oil industry executives Thursday, "Calling Google out over it's stance in China"

From Mr. Helman's story (quoting Ballmer to Oil Execs)

"People are always trying to break into other people's data," said Ballmer. "There's always somebody trying to break into Microsoft."

The Government of China isn't just some "people," Mr. Ballmer, which you full well know. Furthermore, the reason they have not attacked your company is because, by your own admission, you will give them whatever they want in exchange for a chance to sell their people some of your shitty software. (which incidentally is one the primary holes responsible for these attacks)

Certainly you must think that your company will be the ones to outsmart the Chinese Government. That yes, while they are using you, you are using them. And that their government will never back a company wanting to produce a clone of your shitty software then dump you.

Or, perhaps you do realize this but figure you'll personally be rich, retired, and cashed out by then. Who knows?

I'm certain that you've let the Chinese put whatever backdoors they want into your software, and you readily admitted to those Oil execs that:

"If the Chinese government gives us proper legal notice, we'll take that piece of information out of the Bing search engine,"


"The U.S. is the most extreme when it comes to free speech,"

This doesn't sound that radical to me:

Glad you have the right to say that, Steve.

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