Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ideas I have for little hacks

potential little projects to add bits of functionality here and there

-Delicious archival for ReaditLater (from within app, list, etc)

-Something that automagically grabs and saves all the links sent to me via SMS message inbox. Same could be applied with filtering to emails, RSS, etc. I like the idea of automatic link fetching for communications apps

-Mapping/accessing javascript browser bookmarklets via context/right-click menus (so you could easily highlight text and trigger action) 

-a browser extension that counts characters with space (instead of words)

I've searched and can't find hacks that do any of the above. They're just little hang-nail things, but it would be fun to try to solve them. If I had some time, I'd be trying to do it instead of writing about it. ;-p

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Andre said...

yeah good ideas :)