Sunday, March 01, 2009

Where we're headed. (or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the Matrix)

Well, this is what's become of dodgeball...the original group location awareness platform that Google acquired a while back.

According to Google, Latitude is a feature of Google Maps for mobile on these phones:

* Android-powered devices, such as the T-Mobile G1
* iPhone and iPod touch devices (coming soon)
* most color BlackBerry devices
* most Windows Mobile 5.0+ devices
* most Symbian S60 devices (Nokia smartphones)
* many Java-enabled (J2ME) mobile phones, such as Sony Ericsson devices (coming soon)


polymath22 said...

this is interesting technology. im sure businesspeople could find it useful too, to keep track of and dispatch pizza-deliverers, taxi- drivers, bicycle messengers, etc.

as simple as this technology is, it could catch on and be like big brother in 1984. your boss knows how long it took you to take a bathroom break...

spinchange said...

definitely, polymath. i think an increasingly ubiquitous, "location aware" future is closer and closer all the time.

Gps chips and devices are getting smaller, smarter, and cheaper. I think of rental car, or commercial vehicle companies embedding gps in and on everything too.

i think it factors into issues of privacy. it almost makes one wonder if there won't be legal provisions in the future for disclosing when you are and aren't being tracked and indexed.